Hatfields & McCoys A Must See History Channel Premiere That’s the Real McCoy

By DiMarkco Chandler

The “Hatfields and McCoys” three-night mini series premieres this evening and ends Wednesday night on the History Channel, and you can expect violence, sex and a lot of old-fashion drama. The movie is based upon the 28-year feud between William Hatfield and Randall McCoy that began at the end of the civil war in 1865. Kevin Costner plays William (Devil Anse) Hatfield while Randall McCoy will be portrayed by Bill Paxton.

The History Channel series attempts to keep the story consistent with its known history by syncing most of the critical events chronologically. To its credit, a sense of honor, vengeance and justice are foregrounded so that the viewer will get the most comprehensive understanding of cultural values that pervaded the late nineteenth century southern states.

Without giving you too much about this feud, the series will take you on a journey about loyalty and envy that should resonate with anyone keeping in touch with present day events and rhetoric.

I recommend “The Hatfields & McCoys” because it has something for everyone that enjoys, action, drama, romance and an old-fashion fight. It’s the Real McCoy.