A Coney Island school principal disapproves patriotic song to be sung at the graduation but permits Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”

By Roy Denish

A principal of a school in Coney Island in the hot waters for refusing to allow graduating kindergarten students to sing “God Bless America”, but allowing Justin Bieber’s popular song “Baby.”

Greta Hawkins of PS 90 of Edna Cohen School in Coney Island has told the class to drop the song after the students were involved rehearsing the song also known as “Proud to be American.” Hawkins has told the teachers of the school that the Proud to Be an American song would offend the other immigrant students.

The Coney Island department of education did not want to be dragged into an ugly spat but has stated that it would stand behind the Principal’s decision as the song is “too grown” for the 5 year olds. But the education department kept a mum on the principal allowing Justin Bieber’s song “Baby.”

Congressman Bob Turner has issued a statement denouncing Hawkins’ decision:

“It’s both shocking and unfathomable that anyone – let alone an educator – would have objections to allowing American students to sing patriotic songs about our nation’s freedom. The principles our country was founded on are unlike anywhere else in the world, and it is both sensible and just for our history to be celebrated in our schools. Further, allowing Kindergarten students to sing a Justin Beiber song, while barring ‘God Bless the USA,’ demonstrates that this principal lacks the judgment necessary to be in a leadership position in our city’s public schools.

Her decision was a violation of First Amendment rights and has no place in our public education system. She should immediately issue an apology to the families of PS 90 and be reprimanded for her actions.