A Coney Island school principal disapproves patriotic song to be sung at the graduation but permits Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”

By Roy Denish

A principal of a school in Coney Island in the hot waters for refusing to allow graduating kindergarten students to sing “God Bless America”, but allowing Justin Bieber’s popular song “Baby.”

Greta Hawkins of PS 90 of Edna Cohen School in Coney Island has told the class to drop the song after the students were involved rehearsing the song also known as “Proud to be American.” Hawkins has told the teachers of the school that the Proud to Be an American song would offend the other immigrant students.

The Coney Island department of education did not want to be dragged into an ugly spat but has stated that it would stand behind the Principal’s decision as the song is “too grown” for the 5 year olds. But the education department kept a mum on the principal allowing Justin Bieber’s song “Baby.”

Congressman Bob Turner has issued a statement denouncing Hawkins’ decision:

“It’s both shocking and unfathomable that anyone – let alone an educator – would have objections to allowing American students to sing patriotic songs about our nation’s freedom. The principles our country was founded on are unlike anywhere else in the world, and it is both sensible and just for our history to be celebrated in our schools. Further, allowing Kindergarten students to sing a Justin Beiber song, while barring ‘God Bless the USA,’ demonstrates that this principal lacks the judgment necessary to be in a leadership position in our city’s public schools.

Her decision was a violation of First Amendment rights and has no place in our public education system. She should immediately issue an apology to the families of PS 90 and be reprimanded for her actions.

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  1. jeanne' serrano   June 13, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    The principal was correct. What is destroying democracy is MILLIONS of kindergarten kids being raised with OVER-GLORIFICATION of their nation, only to grow up and -hopefully- no longer swallow hook-line-sinker what “authority” told us for generations is the truth about our gov. This is just another hyper-exaggeration of the no prayer in school issue. NO ONE IS STOPPING ANYONE FROM PRAYING. You can do so any time you want – but forcing others to participate in your tradition IS UNDEMOCRATIC. The guy who sang that song/those words is 100% IGNORANT (that means unawareness of facts involved) of a million and one reasons why Americans can no longer be proud of their nation anymore. Those who choose (at their nation’s peril) to keep looking at their country with rosy-tinted glasses are the first to bind their eyes/ears/mouth (hear no, see no, speak no evil) with red-white-blue histrionics. A few years after 9/11 saw a woman walk to her car, wearing a T-shirt that said “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.” I walked up to her and asked “Are your really?” Then gazed at her shirt. Sheepishly, she said “Whaall, it is an OLD T-shirt.” She admitted to me that she was a school teacher, so was ASTOUNDED to learn (not really !) when I asked her “So, do you even know how to spell the word habeas corpus” let alone – – know what it means – – let alone know that it is now lost to ALL Americans, thanks to the patriot’s (PATOOHEY!) act? She took a couple of steps back from me, showed me the whites of her eyes, pointed her finger at me and in a voice loud enough to be heard throughout the entire Wal-Mart parking lot, kept repeating: “I’ll pray for you! I’ll pray for you! I’ll pray for you!” Since passage of that treasonous legislation in 2003 by a treasonous prez (bushbaby) and V.P., (dickwad cheney) and a corrupt cowardly congress – EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WHO DIED IN EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WAR STARTING WITH THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION UP TO THE PRESENT, AND ON INTO THE FUTURE, WILL HAVE DIED IN VAIN – thanks to a “patriotic-sounding” abomination called “PATRIOT’S” ACT that permanently made Old Glory null-and-void. What did Obama do? Did he rescind it? No – he added to its treasonous intentions. Oh, we still go through the ritual of shimmying it up a flagpole on a daily basis, and get all misty-eyed with our hands over our hearts when the national anthem is heard – but the bottom line is… Old Glory is now just a piece of cloth because everything the flag STOOD FOR has been destroyed by a pathetic excuse for a human being, let alone a leader of a nation – yet to be put in GTMO for life as the ultimate traitor (along with cheney, et al) So get indignant, all you easily-duped-parents defending your kids right to sing a song which is now A LIE, and ignore the fact that it is not terrorists who lost you your job, it is not terrorists who took your house away, it is not terrorists who are causing job scarcity, it is not terrorists who REFUSE to give you health care, it is not terrorists who keep squandering your children but the very war-mongerers (who camouflage their real intentions behind accusing anybody who does not “believe” in a reichpugnican spin on reality who boast loudest fervently of THEIR “patriotism” by supplanting a political party’s agenda for what our Founding Fathers warned us all about.

  2. Ben from the Land of Lincoln   June 13, 2012 at 3:13 am

    This principal understands why it’s morally twisted to ask students in a PUBLIC school to sing songs with explicit religious lyrics. I’m glad there are PATRIOTS like her who understand the principles that make this country strong and are willing to stand up for the establishment clause of the constitution. The tragic reality is that there are so many people out there who love this nation but have such a misunderstanding of it’s founding documents that an issue this clear cut has become controversial.

  3. FreedomFromHerReligion   June 13, 2012 at 3:13 am

    I believe this is a violation of the Establishment Clause. Other ? By trying to actively discourage students from reciting the pledge, singing patriotic songs and honoring the country and its soldiers, it seems she is trying to foist her religion upon all the other cultures, including sane, mainstream Americans and immigrants. Perhaps she should give up education and go sell some Watchtowers instead.

    • Ben from the Land of Lincoln   June 13, 2012 at 3:27 am

      You clearly haven’t read the establishment clause or the original pledge of allegiance which was written by a christian socialist or any of the other 3 pledges of allegiance before 1954 that had no mention of god. Without people like this principal veterans like my father wouldn’t have any freedoms left to fight for.

  4. Chuck from West Virginia   June 12, 2012 at 12:48 am

    This principle has forgotten the country she lives in and gives her the right to make silly decisions. If she has a problem with God or the United States of America maybe she should pick another country to live in and stop influencing our youth with her ideas.


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