Bath Salts did not cause zombie apocalypse, cannibalism or flesh eaters in Miami or New Jersey

By DiMarkco Chandler

The clock just struck midnight to begin a new week following seven days of what many are calling a horror-filled zombie apocalypse pandemic. It began in Miami, Florida and ended in New Jersey when a 43-year-old Hackensack man stabbed himself and threw his skin and intestines at officers. In between all of this there were other incidents that were equally as horrifying.

The question here is what was the cause of these outbreaks? Clearly, they were not all caused by bath salts. In fact, from all reports, a toxicology examination has not been completed yet, so why are so many pointing the finger at bath salts?

Listen, folks. Let’s put these horrific events in perspective. Bath salts may perhaps be a symptom, but I would argue there was or is a far more complex root cause of this so-called “zombie apocalypse contagion.”

Our country is in a stalemate between political parties, our cities are in shambles and we are fighting one another when we should be siding with one another. People are losing their homes, their families and their minds. And it’s not because of some designer drug called bath salts.

We need to wake up out of our own zombie states and come together so we can do something about it.