Chris Brown Drake showdown at the W.I.P. will be the downfall of Club Owner Jonathan Cantor

By DiMarkco Chandler

The W.I.P. nightclub, site of the infamous bottle brawl involving Chris Brown and Drake over R&B super star Rihanna has the weight of the world on its shoulders as it tries to survive its present woes. Slapped with 14 violations, according to the New York Post, the club is in jeopardy of losing their licenses.

The club’s owner, Jonathan Cantor, will have to face violations that include one count of not stopping the fight on June 14/15 2012 and seven other fight charges that occurred on earlier dates; citations also include noise violations, two drug-related incidents and others. Sources say that in the past a guard was caught smoking a blunt and selling marijuana to a police undercover agent.

Cantor has previously been cited for selling alcohol to minors and using unlicensed security guards. It’s believed that Cantor and his partners are connected to city officials through their legal counsel. This kind of tactic is typical for nightclubs that present a nuisance to their communities. Usually, attorneys charge large fees to assist nightclub owners by negotiating settlements with city officials. In most cases, the attorneys are connected with a councilman or city representative that oversees the particular district where the alleged violations occur.

This case may prove to be Cantor’s undoing since it has become so popular in the media. Most of these kinds of case are dealt with behind the scenes; however, the Chris Brown Drake fiasco has certainly transcended the cloak of darkness and may expose those dealing that usually go undetected. Cantor’s friends might have to fade back into the darkness leaving him to fin for his own.

Whatever happens, you can be sure that Cantor will have an uphill battle in order to enjoy the kind of success he had before the Brown Drake brawl.

2 Responses to "Chris Brown Drake showdown at the W.I.P. will be the downfall of Club Owner Jonathan Cantor"

  1. latendresse76   June 24, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Ok two rich A holes start some beef with each other and it gets out of hand and the guy that runs that place it happened is the one being charged…..

    Shouldn’t “Woman Beater” and “Dude that Hates Woman beater” be the ones held accountable?

    Guess not your only responsible for your actions when your poor or it takes place in your venue.

    If i was Mr. Cantor I would get a good lawyer and sue both Brown and Drake for a lot more than they are worth.

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