City block size asteroid headed toward Earth tonight

By Randy Rose

Do you like to watch astroids flying by Earth? Good news:  Tonight is the night!  The asteroid, called 2012 LZ1, is estimated by astronomers to be 1600 to 1700 feet wide and will come within 14 lunar distances of earth.  There is no danger of impact but it will come close enough to see with a telescope. A camera will be set up and will be streamed live at,beginning at 5pm Las Vegas Time.  2012 LZ1 just popped up unexpectantly and was not noticed until June 10, by Rob McNaught, who was looking through the Uppsala Schmidt telescope at Siding Spring Observatory in Australia. Tonight, the asteroid will be passing within 3.35 million miles of the Earth.  The fact that it was not discovered earlier is a little bit unnerving and makes one wonder what else is hurling itself toward earth that we do not know about.