Kim Kardashian is no mermaid, but Cleopatra well maybe Kanye West & Kris Humphries know

By DiMarkco Chandler

There are a number of history books and scholarly papers suggesting that the American Republic has its parallels in the ancient Roman Republic. I have worked on several papers myself highlighting some of them, but except for a photo shoot, I have yet to read or write anything offering a real American parallel to Cleopatra up until now. After recently reviewing a few articles about Kim Kardashian, I suddenly received an epiphany.

Now I am not trying to suggest that Kim Kardashian play the role in some upcoming film of the legendary Egyptian Queen. PLEASE! I’m sure such a suggestion would not only rejected but also considered silly, laughable and downright dumb. I’m simply suggesting that Kardashian has a lot of real life characteristics that resemble Cleopatra VII Philopator.

Now I know that as recent as last week, online searchers have been fascinated with the idea that mermaids may have once existed (if you believe Animal Planet). Perhaps some may have compared Kardashian to their imagination of what a mermaid would look like. But I am being a bit more serious with my analogy because so many things seem to stack up in a comparison between Cleopatra and Kim Kardashian.

The truth is, I could spend an entire hour drawing upon the similarities between these two historical figures, but I have decided to simply pose one very interesting parallel and let you determine the strength of the argument.

Forget about their beauty, their lying and conniving, their wealth and power and diva-like behavior. What seems to emerge to the forefront of any historic comparison of the two is that neither one of them has done anything worthy of the fame they enjoy. Besides having their family name, what has either one of them done (sweat equity)? Nothing.

You probably heard Kris Humphries mention this fact once or twice before they were married, and perhaps many of you simply paid the man no attention. But I’m saying that Humphries was telling it like it is; what has she done? What did Cleopatra do to earn her legendary place in history? Fall in love with Caesar or Mark Antony. What has Kim Kardashian done?

I await your answers.