Mother gave baby rum formula: Freed and quit drinking

By Amanda Shore

Iesha Hill was arrested in Stockton, CA on Sunday, June 10, for giving her 5-month-old baby formula mixed with rum in the middle of the night. She was able to silver-tongue her way into convincing the police that it was only a mistake. She claimed that a water bottle filled with rum was mistaken for water and used in the formula. By Tuesday, they let her go.

All charges were dropped because, according to the district attorney’s office, this incident wasn’t enough to charge Hill with a felony or endangerment charge.

Hill stated that she is going to stop drinking for the good of her children “because I don’t want this to ever happen again to my kids or anyone. … It was really painful being here by myself without my kids. Really painful.” The 5-month-old is reported to be in good health and is recovering.