NBA Conference Final Game 7 Predictions: King LeBron James Remains Uncrowned, Celtics Beat Miami Heat

By Tadashi

The Top 10 reasons the Celtics will win game 7 against the Heat in the NBA Eastern Conference Final and have the chance to win their 18th NBA championship against the “manic-depressive” Young Turks from Oklahoma.

10.  King Lebron, even in his prime at age 27, will not play another superhuman, virtually complete game, back to back with only one day’s rest.

9.  In game six, the Heat’s other four starters took only 36 shots and made 14. They will have butterflies and will be rusty in game seven.

8.  Miami’s bench made only six baskets in game 6, so they will also have butterflies and will also be rusty in game seven.

7.  Kevin Garnett, the soft-spoken giant, direct-from-high school superstar, now at 38, has too much pride to go down without a fight.

6.  I predict the coach will not have Paul Pierce guard Lebron so Pierce will relax on his step-back jump shot; and Paul will be able to drive without fear of accumulating too many fouls.

5.  Doc Rivers will use the 15 foul approach on Lebron, breaking his rhythm and sending him to the foul line, repeatedly, to break his concentration, break the flow of the game and break the fans’ incessant cheering.

4.  The ghost of Bill Russell, with his goatee and left-handed block shot, will push the Celtics to a win.

3.  The ghost of Larry Bird and his quick-reaction steal with 5 seconds left against Detroit in 1986 will also push the Celtics to a win.

2.  The ghost of coach Red Auerbach will also prevail especially since Red always got his Cuban cigars in Miami. Cigars Red always smoked in the fourth quarter when a game was well in hand.

But the number one reason I predict the Celtics will beat the Miami Heat in game seven is…

1.  Mom is always right… and of the two greatest NBA moms currently cheering for their sons, I would choose Ray Allen’s mom, by an eyelash, over the grinning, winning face of Kevin Durant’s mom.  Celtics 95 Heat 93.

Watch for Tadashi’s prediction of the NBA Championship Game One after Saturday night.