Princess of Thieves: A Saudi Princess runs up a hotel tab for $ 7.4 million and tries to flee without paying the bill.

By Roy Denish

Imagine running up a hotel tab for the tune of $7.4 million and trying to flee with 60 servants without paying the bill. A Saudi Princess tried doing so only to be spotted by the hotel staff, who later called the police in Paris.

But the policemen’s hands were tied because the Princess Maha Al-Sudairi enjoys diplomatic immunity because she is the ex-wife of Saudi Prince and deputy Prime Minister Nayef Bin Abdilaziz, second in line to the oil-rich country’s throne.

The “heirless princess” is a well-known character in the French circles for dodging bills. In 2009, she racked up over $15 million on a shopping spree, including over $110,000 for designer lingerie. In 2010, she made another attempt to bailout after ordering $30,000 worth of glassware. But on all occasions, the government of Saudi Arabia came to her aid.

The Princess arrived in Paris and booked 41 rooms for her entourage of 60 on the 23rd floor of the Shangri-La. Now the hotel is faced with a real “royale” battle with the Saudi government to recover the unpaid bills.