Colorado Springs fugitive kills himself after attempting to steal plane from Utah airport

By Justine Espersen

Suspected for the murder of his girlfriend, a Colorado Springs fugitive committed suicide after making an attempt to steal a SkyWest aircraft from a Utah airport.

Brian Hedglin, 40, was a SkyWest pilot, according to southern Colorado 11News. He was wanted in accordance with the death of Christina Cornejo, 39. He then tried to steal a plane from St. George Municipal Airport of Utah overnight but crashed into a terminal, unable to get airborne. The suspect then died inside the airplane after shooting himself, according to Utah law officials.

‘At that point in time, the officer was coming up over the hill, and noticed the aircraft in the parking lot,” St. George City spokesman Marc Mortensen said. “He called SkyWest and notified them. SkyWest officials opened the plane and they discovered that Hedglin had shot himself and was deceased.”

Hedglin is a member of the Colorado National Guard and a civilian pilot for SkyWest.

Coincidentally, Colorado police had been searching for a SkyWest employee and a Colorado National Guard member since Friday, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

A joint investigation with St. George police, Transportation Security Administration, and the FBI is currently being conducted, FBI spokeswoman Deborah Bertram noted.

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