Do MLB Standings matter anymore?

By George Rosado

I looked at the standing this morning and saw the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants are in first place of the respective divisions. Boring, the usual suspects, but then I see the Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets are in contention. What? So I looked again, and sure enough, young upstart teams are creeping there way back into contention.

Good for them, but does it even matter. At the end of this long, drawn-out season, (162 games…Really?) the Yankees, Texas and the Giants plus the Dodgers and the Angels are the only ones that will matter. These teams enjoy what those other teams don’t have depth in pitching and benches. The little teams still cannot compete. Come close to the trade deadline and the Yankees are going to pull of f another show of Yankees Money Power. The teams who know  they are not going to contend are going to have a garage sale but there prices are too high and more than likely only the Yankees can afford there prices.  The main team selling will be the Philadelphia Phillies. They are thirteen games back and looking to get refurbished for 2013. On the chopping block are Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels, Shane Victorino, and Placido Polanco. These guys aren’t old so they will expect big money for the last half of the season and who is the only team really able to afford that? You got it the Yankees. Adding Cole Hamels to any contending pitching roster is not too shabby (Understatement?). Jimmy Rollins is still a threat anywhere on the line-up.  Even ole Jason Giambi is up for waivers. He would love to get his curtain call in New York. So again I ask myself do the standing matter anymore or should we just not show them till September?

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