NCAA Athletics Trumps Catholic Church on Sexual Morality?

Dr. Steven Frye:

Who would have ever believed that the NCAA, a college athletic organization would trounce the Catholic Church on a morality issue as critical and sensitive as child sexual abuse?

After decades of scandals involving priests and even bishops and alleged cover-ups reaching as high as the Pope’s office, the NCAA has done more in a couple of months to stop this horrendous sexual abuse practice than the Catholic Church has done in decades.

One has to accord the NCAA the highest possible accolades for their quick action following the investigation by as reputable an investigator as possible, Louis Freeh, the former FBI Director. And then they immediately took the most decisive and appropriately heavy-handed punishment they could to see to it that others realize that whoever sexually abuses any child or teen, no matter how much of a celebrity or V.I.P., would have to suffer major unbelievable consequences.

They also made sure that there is no statute of limitations, not even death, to shield one from not only acts of commission, but even acts of omission and administrative concealing. Furthermore, they guaranteed that this predator reputation will from now on be the single most prominent legacy anyone leaves behind, easily undoing a lifetime of incredible achievements. They also publicly humiliated not only the pervert, but all the others in any way involved in the cover-up, and this is as it should be.

Bravo to the NCAA for doing more to prevent future sexual predators from even thinking they can get away with it than any other organization in history, including the church. Not even a ruling by the Supreme Court could have the impact that this public humiliation will have.

Thank you very much NCAA for really helping to protect all our children. And since there are far more non-athletes than athletes, we will probably never know the full preventative extent of this very intelligent action.

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