New NCAA Controversy may prove College Recruiting has gone too far

By Dan Shearer

The latest and most controversial topic in NCAA recruiting is bringing on the question: How young is too young? If you ask University of Washington’s head coach Steve Sarkisian he would probably tell you it’s never too early to become a Husky!

Sarkisian and the University of Washington is just the latest ‘offender’ of recruiting middle school athletes, offering QB Tate Martell of San Diego, California, a full ride scholarship to play football for the Huskies. Tate has just finished his eighth grade year and has yet to play a single down of high school football, but is already receiving media attention nationwide.

The line needs to be drawn. This sort of attention and pressure is unfair to put on a child. At this point in their lives, children are still developing personalities and are constantly being changed and molded by their surroundings. College programs are asking too much from young men and women who already face enough pressure from their peers, parents, teachers, and coaches. Recruiters should not be added to that list. The NCAA holds the pencil to draw that line; the time is now to take action.

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