An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Dear Governor Romney,

My name is Art Stevens. I am an American citizen. I was born in Brooklyn, NY; raised in the Bronx; lived twenty-eight years in Farmingdale; and now reside in Las Vegas, NV. I raised two good kids, and have three terrific grandkids; one that just received his master’s degree at CalArts, the other two still in college, and working toward their degrees.

I worked almost every (working) day of my life until I retired at seventy. I never made a lot of money, but always provided quite well for my family. I am a registered Independent voter, and have voted in every Presidential election since I became of age. The reason for my writing to you is to ask a question.

A few weeks ago, I attended the wedding of one of my granddaughters. She married a very nice young man who is now serving in the Air Force. He was born and raised in Massachusetts. At the wedding I got to meet quite a few of his family members, as well as many of his friends; some of whom were his buddies in the service, but most from back in Massachusetts. Not that it surprised me in any way, it didn’t, but they turned out to be as friendly and down to earth as anyone I’ve ever met in my life.

In the course of our conversations, and because it’s a subject I’m very interested in, I asked them if they are happy with the Health Plan that you put in place for them, and every one of them said that it works quite well, and yes, they are very happy with it. My congratulations to you for having the foresight and the good sense to implement such a plan for them. Which brings me closer to my question.

I follow your speeches and interviews every single day, as well as those of President Obama. I don’t take my ‘Independent’ status lightly. I will vote for the person whose views I agree with, and I think is telling me the honest truth.

You have been asked on many interviews about the Health Plan that you instituted in Massachusetts; that being it is working so well, and the people are very happy with it,why wouldn’t you want to extend the plan to the rest of the American citizens? Your answer has always been: “The plan works very well for the people of Massachusetts, but it wouldn’t work well for the country.”

That is about as far as I’ve ever heard you go with your answer Governor Romney, and with all due respect, that is a non-answer. As I’ve said, I just met a lot of people from Massachusetts, and found that whether you live in New York, or Nevada, or Massachusetts, or any of the other forty seven states, we are all equal. No better. No worse. When you tell me the plan is good for them, but not good for me; what you are really telling me is that yes, there IS a difference between us. And so, let me get to my question.

Being I consider a really good and affordable Health Plan a critical part of my family’s lifetime, and you, as well as the people of Massachusetts think you have just that in place right now, then why am I (and my family) being put in a different category than the people of Massachusetts? Is that category more superior? More inferior?

I personally don’t think that either applies. What is it that you find that makes me (and my family) different than the good people of Massachusetts?


Art Stevens
Las Vegas, NV

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