Breast Cancer Meets The Strongest Woman I Know

By George Rosado

This may not be a major story about world affairs or the economic struggles we are having and not even about the fantastic Olympics we are viewing nightly. The 80 million being spent on this election is also a big story because with that money we could have helped those in need.

This is about a woman who has been fighting breast cancer for four long years. Now I know we all support breast cancer awareness and we do our 5k run/walk every year but this much more.

She is not wealthy and is up to her neck in debt to include a foreclosure, medical bills and struggles to find money to get her medication. Her insurance is exhausted and sometimes she goes without.

This woman goes to work daily because she is to proud to stop being an integral part of society. She has been bald for most of the last four years and her hair has never been back to its natural length since she lost it. This woman had the most beautiful flowing hair anyone could ever want. She does not wear wigs or hats because she is not ashamed of her appearance. The idea of covering up would bring shame upon her for her mother died of the same condition and never once tried to hide it.

She is a mother who lives for her children and tried to maintain the best home possible for them.

She deals with harassment at work because of the time she needs off for her radiation and chemotherapy treatments not to mention the times when her blood sugar rises to over four times the normal amount and she can’t get out of bed. She endures the stares and the whispers but holds her head up high throughout.

This is not a tragic story but a story of really wanting to live and wanting to overcome. This is a real hero who hasn’t received any medals or accolades nor does she want them. This is a strong and beautiful woman who just wants to live for her and her children.

This is the strongest woman that I know.

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