Diana Ross was known to out rehearse, out dress and outperform her peers

Diana Ross, the once Motown Records Starlet has lived a somewhat good life in and out of the public eye. Best known for her years as a “Supreme” and idolized friend of Michael Jackson, Ross has been in the news of late for various reasons. The 68-year-old Motown diva recently celebrated becoming a grandmother as her 36-year-old daughter, Chudney Ross recently gave birth to a baby boy.

Earlier this month Ross’ name came up during the brief custody battle taking place in Michael Jackson’s family. Reportedly, Michael Jackson placed Ross in his Will as backup guardian to his three children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket. The “Lady Sings the Blues” star didn’t hesitate to make it known that she would step in and care for her godchildren if needed.

Following  the recent drama of Katherine losing and then regaining guardianship, Diana wanted to make sure the children were fine and travelled to see them in person in Calabasas, California .

According to the source, Diana left the warring Jackson family with the message “mess with Michael’s kids, and you’re messing with her.”

During the past several months, rumors circulated indicating that Ross was unimpressed with Tyler Perry. Some reports even claimed that the singer claimed his Madea character lacked real depth.

Perry asserts that he has been unable to convince Ross to co-star in any of his movies, however, sources close to the diva say she feels Perry’s films are below her level of professionalism.

Friends of Ross have suggested that books like “Dreamgirls” written by Mary Wilson, have falsely painted her as a dragon lady, detailing her thorny relationships with the Supremes, romance with Motown founder Berry Gordy, and haughty offstage behavior while shortchanging her accomplishments and work ethic.

They maintain that such unfavorable perceptions have seen Ross dismissed in ways that other legendary artists who’ve been passed over for a Grammy (the Who, the Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Queen) have not.

Running to her defense, they suggests that a number of her peers didn’t share the reported harsh views and instead, they point to Marvin Gaye’s perception revealed in the late stars biography titled “Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye,” which discloses the notion that Ross was about business: “She’ll out rehearse you, out dress you, and outperform you so you best stay out of her way. I appreciate Diana’s trip and her talent, She’s worked hard for everything she’s achieved.”

The late Marvin Gaye, Ross’ Motown contemporary and label mate, was vocal about his jealousy over attention she received from the label, but he also gave her due props.

Recently this year, Ross received her first Grammy, for Lifetime Achievement, and announced the nominees for the Album of the Year. In May 2012, a DVD of Ross’ Central Park concert performances, “For One & For All”, was released and featured commentary from Steve Binder, who directed the special.

These days, Ross is enjoying the live of a Grandmother to Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick.