Internet hackers should be put against a brick wall and shot!

Eric Reports

Written/Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson
Let me be clear.  In my opinion, hackers should be put against a brick wall and shot.
          To clarify, hackers aka “crackers” are those who do harm to another computer either remotely or on the Internet (stealing info, sabotage, spyware.)  A “hack” may be just a clever way to change a computer program, but for the sake of this article, let’s call them hackers – i.e., those who deliberately break into other computers for criminal reasons.
          I’m on the side of the FBI and corporations on this issue.  Computer hacking is a crime, punishable by law.  Illegally hack and you could go to prison and I hope you do.
          The weak-minded Las Vegas Weekly recently did a pro-hacking article by Rick Lax titled “Warlords, Scavenger Hunts and Hacker Hugs” (Aug. 9 – 15.)  The “Weekly’s” beliefs stem from the idea that hackers are cool and anti- establishment.  B.S! Hackers steal innocent person’s identities and rob their bank accounts.  China is attempting to bring down U.S. computers by way of the Internet.  Why not write about that?  Instead, the LVW writes about a hacker “convention” and how funny it is to fool a company into giving up information on the phone by pretending to be a student.  Incredible.  Then again, the Weekly isn’t written by people who think.
          Would you like it if someone stole your wallet?  That’s what hacking is:  stealing your I.D., your money and your life.  If someone gets your social security number, it can take ten years to undo the damage.  Hackers may forge your identity endlessly.  All it takes is your number.
          Hackers aren’t cool; they’re malignant, like a cancer.  They’ve spread everywhere.  They aren’t cutting-edge.  They’re bringing down the Internet – the main alternative to information out there that isn’t censored by the MSM/television.
          The media have been lazy on reporting hackers.  Most are aware of computer worms and viruses, but haven’t reported on rootkits and Trojan horses that can overtake your computer.  They are nearly impossible to erase without starting from scratch.
          If infected, a computer repairman will oftentimes erase your files or run a “repair disc” for your computer.  (The disc should be run on another computer which is connected or it’s worthless.)   This may erase a virus, but rootkits and Trojans can affect a computer’s kernel – its beginning existence.  The contamination will return.  The only way to get rid of it is to erase or replace the hard drive.  Do not reuse past files, they could be infected.
          Windows/Microsoft is also to blame for a system so easy to break into.  Despite their claims, they have not done anything near what they should to stop hacking.  When is Bill Gates going to invent a hack-proof computer?   Probably never – it cuts into his profits.  (For those who say “impossible”, do you think anyone out there could hack into Mr. Gates computer?)
          For the hackers out there reading this – let me ask you a question.  Would you put your money in a bank that could be hacked into?  No?  Why not?  …So, what does that make you?
          Last Advice.  It goes without saying to stay off of questionable sites – sites you never heard of.  Don’t click on pop-up ads or contests saying, “You just won!”  Be wary of E-mail attachments.  Your Internet buddy or “cute new friend” may be a pervert living in his basement.  Apps and downloadable programs may contain a large variety of bugs. 
          Take a stand and do what’s right.  Stop hacking and don’t associate with those who do.  Some things are just plain wrong.