Isaac Pummels the Gulf Coast with 70mph Winds

Tropical Storm Isaac was recently downgraded from Category 1 Hurricane status but continues to pummel residents of the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast region with powerful 70mph winds and rain. 26 hours of continuous storm-like weather is anticipated.  The severity of damage is not fully known.  Roads and highways are flooded and impassable as trees and traffic lights are down in the region.  Residents are advised to remain indoors until the storm fully passes.  Utility companies are warning that power outages might persist for days to come.  Hundreds of homes have been afflicted with water and general property damage. The magnitude of the winds coupled with the increased pressure of the rising water has caused flooding in the New Orleans and Bay St. Louis area.  However, the Army Corps of Engineers levee constructed after Hurricane Katrina has stayed intact and proven that it can withhold the heavy forces.  Residents are sorely reminded of the failed levee system on the seventh year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina leaving officials weary and eager to take extra precautions.  The eye of the storm, which is the center and calmest part of a storm, has traveled inland and is proceeding to head north.


Lora Hendrickson


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–       Eye witness testimony from friends and family in the region.

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