The LVMPD has found that car thefts are on the rise and car owners are giving criminals a hand in stealing them. According to stolen vehicle reports, vehicles are being left running with keys in the ignition. In one week nine vehicles were reported stolen while unattended, running with keys in the ignition. Vehicles are often stolen for use as transportation, chopped and sold as parts and even more concerning is the ability to use them in the commission of other crimes.

Leaving your vehicle running while unattended is not only unsafe but against the law. Under Nevada Revised Statute 484.445, the person driving or in charge of any motor vehicle, except a commercial vehicle loading or unloading goods shall not permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition and removing the key. The driver of the vehicle can be issued a citation for this offense with a fine of $195.00.

Fees for a stolen vehicle upon recovery can range from $160.00-195.00 for the initial hook up and $30.00 a day for storage until the vehicle is picked up. If the owner is not able to pay the fees, the vehicle can have a lien filed against it and ownership given to the tow company.

Insurance deductibles can also be a cause for concern to include increased future insurance costs. The replacement of missing parts can exceed several thousand dollars in some cases declaring the vehicle a total loss. The number of stolen vehicles in a specific area has the potential to raise insurance rates in that area.

The second it takes to shut off the ignition, remove the key and lock the doors is minor in comparison to the potential financial hardship that can result from leaving your vehicle running and unattended.

For more information on auto theft prevention visit, www.LVMPD.Com/Protect Yourself/Auto Theft.
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