Lessons Learned: The TEA party, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann


By James Turnage:

The United States of America was founded on one major principle, freedom of religion.  Many have tried to slant this actual concern towards other reasons such as taxation and political tyranny.  They would be 100% incorrect.  The oppression of the Church of England was the major reason our founding fathers left England, and created a new country.  Freedom was the key word, the basis for founding a new country, with new ideals.

America faces a modern destruction of its principles.  A war has been waged to force this once great nation to be a country that has only one religion, Christianity.

The TEA party, and its standard bearers Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann, are using their supposed faith as a reason for their extreme political attacks of our two hundred year old plus democratic system.  They espouse their personal theory that we are a nation founded on Christian beliefs.  The fact is that they themselves do not act in Christian ways.  More importantly, they use a singular religion to wage attacks on anyone who does not believe as they believe.

Abraham Lincoln once proclaimed in a speech that no nation could destroy the United States of America.  Its destruction could only come from within.  Are we witnessing this now?  Have our legislative bodies become so politicized that they have become the destructive force that will end the existence of our once great country?  Are our politicians, (and you notice I don’t use the word ‘representatives’) so concerned with their re-election initiatives that they have ignored their responsibilities to those who elected them. I believe that is the unfortunate fact.

Many political groups have embraced political slogans, such as, “Bring America Back”.  I agree.  But if you are supporting bringing our country back to the policies that have destroyed our basic and valued freedoms, as have the last ten to twelve years of our country’s leadership, I can only tell you one thing, we are headed to the same political position that put the Soviet Republic in a perfect position for destruction.

History is not a popular subject in our schools today.  But history has always repeated itself.  Lessons not learned, especially by those who reach positions of power, are lessons that can destroy.  I’m old, and I have seen much of what I speak.  Believe me or doubt me, or do your own research.  Please do not do it on television.  This medium has become the greatest source for half- truths and blatant lies in the world’s history.  Emotions are weak, the truth, reality, will make us stronger.  Personally, I vote for a stronger America.  Care to join me?