Mitt Romney’s Candidacy A Money Making Venture?


By James Turnage:

Mitt Romney was in Reno this week. He didn’t make any speeches, didn’t plead his case regarding his bid for the presidency. He was here to make money.

He was at events in gated, affluent communities, who gave him between 1 and 1.5 million dollars, the most ever raised in one day in the Reno area. How afraid are the rich of Mr. Obama getting re-elected?

There were protestors outside of the fund raisers, and that was no surprise. This election is a battle between the haves and have-nots.

The most interesting fact about the crowd, was that most of the protestors were not directing their anger towards Romney. Rightfully so, at least to my belief, they were upset about the money that has been spent by both parties, and the forecast of what the total will be by election day.

The expectation that a quarter of a billion dollars, or more, will be spent by the time the networks report election results angers most sensible Americans. Our American companies continue to employ millions of workers outside our borders, making unemployment levels continue to remain at a higher than acceptable rate. We have far too many of our citizens remaining homeless, many of them veterans of foolish wars waged by their government. The new health care act passed by congress will still be inadequate for many of our citizens. And our congress and senate will continue to waste the little time they actually spend at work attacking these and the multitude of other problems which still exist in our country.

Reformation of government, and political policies is not something Washington wishes to address. Our government officials enjoy the life they live.  They don’t want to make any changes, and that is very sad. They work for us, but what they are actually doing is committing a felony. They are embezzling money from those they work for. They are quick to make speeches, but slow to take any action.

If any of you have read other articles I have written, you know that I cannot support Romney, he just doesn’t understand the average American. And you also know I am angry with Mr. Obama because he has not taken action which was forceful enough to make my life better.

Politics is a four letter word, and nothing good ever comes from it. I line up with the protestors at the Romney fund raisers. Only the rich can afford to waste money, and they’re doing it at a rate that has become both historical, and hysterical.

James Turnage

Sun Valley, Nevada