Palin Not To Speak At Republican Convention


By James Turnage:

I have heard enough of her comments regarding our President and his policies to last a lifetime.  She hasn’t said one new thing since the convention in 2008.  Besides, she has no credibility.  She knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy, economics, or job creation.Sarah Palin announced she would not be speaking at the Republican Convention later this month.  I, for one, am very thankful.

She does know how to use worn out “catch” phrases.  She knows how to resign from an office for which she was elected, deserting her voting public.  She knows how to make money, giving the same sad speeches.  She knows how to criticize Mr. Obama for being a great orator, making him an elitist.

I’m sure some of you wanted to hear her speak. Or maybe you were just looking forward to counting how many times she said “betcha”.

Instead of listening to “Caribou Barbie”, we get to listen to Chris Christie, one of our nation’s biggest orators.