Sen. Kerry not happy with new ‘Swift Boat’ Ad

By Kelly J Newson

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) isn’t happy with the recent ‘Swift Boat’ attacks against  President Obama. In the ad, President Obama is seen as publicizing Osama Bin Laden’s death and leaking sensitive information for political gain.


Former Navy SEAL and OPSEC fund member Benjamin Smith stated this in the
video, “we have become a political weapon — we are not, our job is to be silent
professionals — we do not seek recognition; we do not seek popularity, to make things public is wrong.”

Senator Kerry sees this attack as another smear tactic, similar to what he faced in 2004. The GOP and tea party are using smear tactics to try and beat President Obama.

Have the GOP and tea party forgotten about Bush and his mission accomplished speech. A mission many Americans are still wondering what was accomplished.

It’s the same tired double-standards, the GOP and tea party can’t stand to see something going right if it wasn’t their plan or idea. So, they smear it and try to turn a positive into a negative.

To them, its alright for many to continue to question President Obama’s birth certificate.Yet they cry foul as Democrats question Romney’s tax returns, which everyone knows he has millions of stashed offshore and is tax free. That’s about all the foreign policy Romney has.

In a statement, John Kerry (D-Mass) speaks of the GOP not having a candidate with foreign policy experience ,even referencing Sarah Palin. “Republicans have a candidate with absolutely no foreign policy experience, who thinks Russia is our ‘number one geopolitical foe’ and who is advised by people who think . . . the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia are countries that still exist. He can’t even manage to visit London without causing an international incident.”

2 Responses to "Sen. Kerry not happy with new ‘Swift Boat’ Ad"

  1. Karen VH   August 19, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    I don’t think that was a reference to Sarah Palin. Gov. Romney has described Russia as our #1 foe and has other people advising him who speak of dealing with the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, even though those countries haven’t existed for years.

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