The Christ-like way to treat our Presidential candidates

By Donald Norris, Jr.

Too many people hate, judge, and condemn. Regardless of whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, please do not hate, judge, or condemn our Presidential candidates. For that matter, please do not hate, judge, or condemn anybody. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama may not be the best people, but they do not deserve to be hated, judged, or condemned. God wants us to love everyone. We are brothers and sisters in God’s eyes. We should treat each other like brothers and sisters instead of treating each other like enemies. You may have a favorite presidential candidate, but you still love the opposing team. Regardless of whether you vote for Romney or Obama, do as God wants you to do. Love your enemies like they are family. It is important for us all to be as Godly as possible and try to be like Christ. Think about what Jesus would do. Do you think Jesus would hate, judge, and condemn? I definitely do not think so. Jesus would show much love and compassion for all. Let us all try to do the same.