The RNC and Romney Campaigns Negate Ron Paul

By Randy Rose:
Remember when I wrote the article about Ron Paul having 5 states and will therefore he will be on the ballot at the Tampa convention? The RNC and Romney camp have stripped Maine of all the delegates taking it away from Ron Paul. That leaves only Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, and Virginia. The Romney supporters already took away Oregan, Louisiana and the 17 from Massachusetts. That leaves Ron Paul out in the cold. The rules said only 5 States are needed but the RNC voted to change the rules to 10 States but failed by one vote. How can we stand behind a man who will cheat the rules to win? Harry Reid cheated to get votes but we expect that underhanded conduct from Democrats but Republicans are supposed to be above board. I am a Conservative Republican who had intended to vote for Romney but after this, I am leaning toward voting Libertarian. I know you say that will be a vote for Obama, but now I do not trust Romney or Obama. I am sorry but if Romney cannot prove he is trustworthy then I must vote for Gary Johnston.