By James Turnage:

In 1997, a movie titled “Wag the Dog” was released.  The stars were outstanding, including Dustin Hoffman, Robert de Niro, Ann Heche, Dennis Leary, and Willie Nelson.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a satire about politics and elections.

Just weeks before a presidential election, the sitting President is accused of misconduct with a young girl.  To remove the focus of the American public regarding the incident, Robert de Niro’s character creates a fictitious war, with the assistance of movie producer Dustin Hoffman, complete with a song raising national patriotism, pride and fervor.  And, of course, because the American people believe everything they see and hear on the great media known as television, it all works, perfectly.

Just as Colin Powell, prodded by Bush and Cheney, enraged the citizens of our country, claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and planned to use them against the United States, falsehoods worked.  Why?  Because the average voter has absolutely no idea who or what he is voting for.  Hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent this year by both presidential candidates.  It’s a gamble by both parties that the voting public is ignorant, and, unfortunately, one side will win its wager.

Weak minds create a weak country.  Groups such as the TEA Party have insured that we are a country of moronic racists and bigots. Freedom of thought has become a sin, at least according to the religious right.

The reason this movie is relevant today is because politics is no more than a movie.  If you believe what you see in campaign ads, then you believe what you see on a “reality” show.  Think about it, America:  Their only goal is to get elected.  Their goal is not to improve our country, or to make the lives of its citizens better.  Politicians who are elected into higher office are guaranteed a wonderful life, a wonderful future.  Millions of your dollars were spent, and the congressman, senator, or president you voted for is the beneficiary, not you.

Yes, I am a cynic.  I don’t believe that my vote counts, that the candidate I vote for is “one of the good guys”.  Those “guys” died off somewhere around the end of WWII.  Our founding fathers were aware that political parties would ensure the destruction of our country. If you think they were wrong, then you are part of the problem.


Sun Valley, Nevada