Where Would We Be Without Obama’s Stimulus Plan of 2008

On Understanding Obama’s Statement About Business Owners.

By Jake Holder,  Moderate Democrat for Congress, NV3, 2014.  jakeholderforcongress.com

In defense and explanation of what Obama was trying to say.  Please remember, this guy is the President of the USA ! and much much smarter than most Americans.  Of course he knows that business owners built their businesses themselves with hard work, determination, and effort.  What he was trying to say (that most people don’t understand) is that there might not be “any business at all” unless ALL Americans – taxpayers – mostly the middle class –  approved of the Stimulus Plan of 2008 and are now sharing the burden of the excesses of the wealthy few during the economic boom from 1995 – 2006.  Please …. review your history.  Without the stimulus plan of 2008, we would most likely be in the midst of another Great Depression like 1929.  But, because of the Stimulus Plan, we are in the midst of a less painful recession and must slowly work our way out of debt.  And, NOT by “less taxes” for the rich and big business (Romney way) to stimulate growth because if we do it that way AGAIN …. we might have another big economic boom, an even bigger crash, and we won’t be able to afford another stimulus package 10-20 years down the road.

The great Republican President Teddy Roosevelt (1900 – 1908) in discussing the “conflict between the men who possess more then they earn and the men who earn more than they possess” quoted Lincoln that “labor is the superior of capital and deserves much higher consideration”.  He was not opposed to big business as such (like me) but he believed (as I do) that the great corporations, especially those that practically monopolize the necessities of life (like our modern day Oil, Banking, and Pharmaceutical corporations) should be “supervised and within reasonable limits controlled”.   He was know as the “Trust-buster” !  He wrote a letter to his friend stating that he wished wealth might be diffused in such a manner as should “measurably avoid the extremes of swollen fortunes and grinding poverty.”  We are at that stage again where corporations for example, hire less expensive oversees workers (out source jobs) just so they can “make more money” or be “more profitable” so the wealthy few get richer while good middle class people lose their jobs and suffer !  I would see that corporations are fined or “taxed” heavily for outsourcing jobs so that it won’t be “profitable” for them to do so. Not just give tax breaks to corps that do the right thing and keep jobs in USA !

If you have deep family Republican roots, then your family agreed with the ideas of the great President Teddy Roosevelt just like I do and the modern day Democrats are more in line with these views then modern day Republicans.  Jake Holder, Moderate Democrat for Congress, NV3, 2014.  jakeholderforcongress.com

2 Responses to "Where Would We Be Without Obama’s Stimulus Plan of 2008"

  1. Gregg   August 17, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    Wow, this does sound like a democrat wrote this article. First, I would like to breakdown your remarks. 1) “Please remember, this guy is the President of the USA !”. So what! He is an elected official who works for the people of the United States! He puts his pants on just like me and his paycheck (not from his millions in investments and campaign money from Bain capitol) come from the sweat of Americans (the ones that work, not the ones to be confused who are on welfare). 2) And this is my personal favorite “and much much smarter than most Americans.” WHAT? And you are running for congress? Are you sure this isn’t Dr. Frye? Because you have got to be HIGH to be insulting Americans! Your personal opinion on the president being smarter than most Americans is of little use to us (because he sure isn’t showing us he is smarter than a 5th grader) and I for one find it insulting that you think I’m not as smart as the president. Just he decided to put us 14 trillion dollars in debt doesn’t mean he is smart. 3) Teddy Roosevelt also was a progressive (I’m guessing like you) who stole land from the states to make National Parks. Fact is rich people are rich for a reason, they worked harder than the rest. They built something that no one else had and they made this country great in the process. Stop trying to demonize buisnesses and go after the people who abuse welfare, food stamps, HUD housing, and just about all the rest of the “free” money programs. That is of course, if you get elected. Not much chance of that happening when you go around insulting the American people.

    • GM   August 18, 2012 at 4:07 pm

      No, actually they didn’t necessarily work harder for it. They used the anti-alcohol movement to get Prohibition passed. Then they made ungodly profits on illegal liquor. Just ask Joe Kennedy. But what to do with all that cash that we can’t spend legally? So when they were finished with that, they created the stock market crash, thereby forcing property values to rock bottom prices, paving the way for them to “wash” the illegal profits they “earned” during Prohibition. 90% of all the wealth in this country came about in this time period in American history. So go ahead and believe that you are a Republican, because that’s what they want you to believe. You see, money and wealth are a finite resource, and for one capitalist to get it, another has to LOSE it. and the capitalists don’t want to take each others wealth now do they. So they make you think you can be a millionaire just like them, and you put your money at risk in an attempt at becoming rich, and they figure out how to take it from you. A vicious cycle. And then they figured out how to associate themselves with the commonmans values, and Voila, we are not “capitalists” anymore, we are “Republicans.” Enjoy!


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