10 Things Justin Bieber Loves Most

10 things Justin Bieber loves including being butt naked. But the pop star has grown up and you might me surprised once you review some of the most important things Bieber not only considers important, but actually puts his heart behind them to the extent that he articulates his love for them. You might say these are the 10 things Justin Bieber loves most.

1. Justin Bieber loves running around the house butt naked and you don’t have to take my word for it just read what the pop idol says himself. In a chat with Angie Martinez of New York City’s Hoy 97, Justin Bieber not only joked that he’d be working at McDonald’s if he didn’t hit it big as a singer — he shared that he likes to run around naked, eating cereal at his new, several million dollar crib. “I am running around naked in the house,” the Biebs said about how he likes to do things in his birthday suit. “That’s what you have to do when you — I mean when you get your own place. You feel comfortable to just run around, go get some cereal — butt naked!”

He also shared that due to time constraints, he doesn’t do laundry. As if anyone would expect him to. Pop superstars have assistants for that stuff. “I’ve done it before. I know how to do laundry,” he said, but due to the fact that he doesn’t have time. He’s too busy causing hearts to beat faster, girls to faint with desire and releasing chart-topping albums.

2. Speaking of butts, Justin Bieber finds himself attracted to girl’s butts, and can’t help but have a soft spot for rapper Nicki Minaj. He told Q magazine: “I think I’m a butt guy. I just like butts. I’m attracted to them. Do I have any favorites? Nicki Minaj has got a nice one.” Justin also confessed he likes Beyonce, but has too much respect for her husband, Jay-Z to ever try any moves on her. When asked who he would like to follow him on twitter, he added: “Beyonce. She’s so sexy. I’m in love with everything about her. But I love Jay-Z, so I can’t do anything about it. I’ve had a crush on her for a long time. “I wouldn’t come between them, I would never do that. But I’m going to make her follow me just by keeping talking about it.”

So we conclude that Justin Bieber likes butts, but he loves Nicki Minaj’s butt.

3. Justin Bieber Loves Having A Young Mother. Justin Bieber says being so close in age to his mother, who gave birth to him when she was only 18, has made them best friends. Speaking on 2Day FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show, he said: ”She’s amazing… I was definitely an accident, it’s great my mom is super young, she’s a friend and a mom, she’s always been really strict, she’s still keeps me in line.” Justin also revealed while he has no problem performing in front of thousands of people, he freezes up when he has to speak in public.

4. Bieber also loves performing. He explained: ”I love performing; doing tours and having a new crowd every night that’s something I’ve always loved… It’s weird I can perform for a lot of people but as you can probably see in my acceptance speeches, I kind of freeze up and I don’t really know how to speak in front of a lot of people.”
Bieber also has his sights set on the big screen and has been talking to Mark Wahlberg about starring in a new movie. He explained: ”We’ve been working on this, this Mark Wahlberg movie; it’s a basketball movie… ”We’re still figuring it out, it takes time, with movies it always takes time, it’s just about a waiting game.”

5. We would be remiss if we neglected to mention the fact that Bieber’s love for his Les Paul Gibsom Guitar. The teen sensation took time out from his hectic superstar schedule to be photographed with his Les Paul Gibson Standard in the Gibson Guitar Studio in London. The photos were taken exclusively for Sugar magazine, the U.K.’s leading teen publication. The pop phenom, who at the time had just turned 16, first surfaced via YouTube. After Usher took an interest in the young singer, Bieber then moved to Atlanta to begin working with L.A. Reid. His first single in 2009, “One Time,” charted in ten different countries and the subsequent “Baby” from his debut album, My World 2.0, was a hit around the world.

6. Bieber loves Selena Gomez. In a recent interview Justin reveals how he turns the heat up in their relationship! Justin, 18, gave an interview to MTV News about what he would do on his last day on earth — and it totally gives some insight into his love with Selena, 19! “I would just watch movies and hang out with my family and cuddle with them, because I love cuddling,” he said. Do YOU think Justin loves cuddling with Selena more than anything else, according to Hollywoodlife.com

7. Of course Justin Bieber loves his father. Like father like son. Justin Beiber and his dad sure do like matching tattoos. Biebs’s first tattoo was of a seagull on his hip, his father has a matching one. His second one was on some other guy. Aww, special bonding moments… with needles. It looks like the Bieber boys are back to their inking ways, when Justin was in Israel earlier this summer, he and his dad got new tattoos; they say “Jesus” in Hebrew. Please tell me the irony is not lost on anyone here (for the record, the language of choice at the time of Jesus’ birth was Aramaic).

8. Justin loves his sister. Here’s what Justin Tweeted about his sister hanging out with him: “Love having @JeremyBieber and @JazmynBieber here with me….but Jazzy…the candy goes in your mouth not in your pocket. lol. love you.” Justin Bieber is spending time with his sister Jazzy Bieber and his dad Jeremy Bieber while he is touring the world to promote his album “Believe.” The “All Around The World” promo tour is being filmed for a TV special called “Justin Bieber Believe: All Around The World.”

9. The color purple primarily indicates kingship and Bieber is quite in love with this color. Though, Justin Bieber loves a lot of things: his Beliebers, Selena Gomez, Canada, the word “swag.” But a frequently forgotten love of Bieber’s? The color purple — not the novel, though we’re sure a young man of his wealth and taste could appreciate it, but the hue. The color is the shade of royalty and spirituality, so it’s perfectly appropriate for Bieber: he’s pop’s reigning prince and makes no secret of his proud Christian faith. Aside from all that? It’s gorgeous and universally flattering. Take a look at Bieber’s best purple fashion moments and revel in all that violet swag.

10. Last but not least and in fact perhaps most important to Bieber is Jesus. Justin proclaims he loves Jesus. When Justin Bieber strode onto the stage of the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on Sunday (Aug. 7) night to accept a Teen Choice Award, he thanked his fans profusely, then quickly turned his attention to something more eternal.

“I wanna say that anything is possible if you set your mind to it,” the Canadian superstar said, grasping the award’s blue-and-yellow surfboard that towered over him by several inches. “You gotta keep God first and always remember to keep family first.”

Then, pointing toward the crowd with a sweeping gesture, Bieber added, “Jesus loves every one of you!”

It’s hardly unusual for celebrities to give God a shout-out at award shows. In fact the phenomenon has become so ubiquitous that one critic wondered whether throwing out “God props” had jumped the shark.

But what young Bieber said is different. It wasn’t the rote “I want to thank My lord and savior Jesus Christ” that we’ve heard so many times from the awards podium, often uttered by artists collecting prizes for music or films that would be hard-stretched to conceive as honoring the Creator.

Bieber, who is never shy about talking about his Christian faith, went beyond the approved script for Hollywood expressions of faith, invoking the “J-word” and taking it several steps further by telling whoever was listening that they are, in fact, loved by Jesus — and not the less specific “God.”

Anyone who has paid attention to the Cinderella story that is Bieber’s warp-speed rise from obscurity in small-town Canada to the most popular teenager on the planet will know that in addition to being cute as a button and preternaturally talented, “the Biebs” is a bona fide
person of faith. In fact, as indicated by the name of his newest album.

“All the blessings I have come to me from God,” Bieber told Rolling Stone in February, adding that he feels obliged to “plant little seeds” of faith with his fans. “I’m not going to tell them, ‘You need Jesus,’ but I will say at the end of my show, ‘God loves you.”‘

Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, a deeply faithful woman who embraced Christianity not long before she gave birth to her only child when she was just a teenager herself, has said she believes Justin has a “prophetic call” to be the “voice of a generation.”

Bieber now 18 understands that his voice is growing stronger and clearer.

Millions of fans around the globe hang on his every word. And when Bieber says “Jesus loves every one of you,” many Beliebers might actually believe him.


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