2012 Street Vibrations

2012 Street Vibrations

By James Turnage:

Tomorrow, Wednesday September 19th, begins Reno’s noisiest event. Street Vibrations will last through Sunday the 23rd.

Thousands of motorcycles will invade the “biggest little city”. Most will be Harley Davidson’s. Motorcycle gangs will be turned away. The standard of past events will be enforced. One year a captain in Reno’s police department was quoted as saying, “I would not be afraid to let my twelve year old daughter walk around the event by herself”.

With the exception of a single incident, Street Vibrations has been Reno’s least problematic event. I worked in the casinos until April of 2006, and never witnessed a serious incident. What I witnessed was a large group of bikers who policed themselves. If one of their group appeared to be headed for trouble, or had too much to drink, I watched others escort him or her away from a potentially unpleasant situation.

What I saw was more money spent during the event than at any other five day event. The many vendors were always busy selling accessories and clothing. And when they gambled they were free with their money, including tips to the cocktail waitresses and dealers.

It is advertised as a family event, but if you bring minors downtown in the evenings there should be a caveat or two. This group comes to Reno to have fun, and they do. Alcohol, especially beer will be consumed in large volumes. You might want to warn them that they will see several women who are wearing chaps, and may only have a thong underneath, exposing a well displayed rear view. Cleavage is important as well. Most of the women in this group are proud of their torsos, and want you to know it.

For those who have not previously attended Street Vibrations, you might want to bring along ear plugs. Harley’s are a bit noisy. As they ride under some of the hotel overpasses, they will give their bikes some extra throttle.

Reno and Sparks are perfect for this event. The cities are small enough that everyone can be a part of all the main attractions. And the bikers love it because of the surrounding area. The caravan to Virginia City and the run to the “Bunny Ranch” are two of the most popular. If you’re anywhere in the Tahoe, Reno, Sparks, or Carson City area, be aware that you will most likely see hundreds of motorcycles sharing the road with you. Please be careful, they are not always easy to see. Many of the riders are “weekend warriors”. Their professions such as doctors, lawyers, and maybe even bank executives, allow them only time to ride on the weekends.

Our weather forecast for the area is still more summer than fall until Saturday and Sunday when we’ll drop in temperature ten degrees, from around 90 to 80. This is good news for some good people who attend in increasing numbers every year.

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