Kim Kardashian Has Taken on Style of Duchess or Princess

Since being in New York for Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian has learned that her sense of style reportedly has undergone a radical shift since the socialite started dating Kanye West. Now there has been a significant change in the clothes Kardashian chooses to wear and at first I couldn’t put my finger on what she was doing. But if I have it figured out correctly, Kardashian has taken on the style of a Duchess of princess.

Now just a few weeks ago, Robert Pattinson said something quite interesting. Pattinson plays the lead role, Edward Cullen opposite Kristen Stewart in the popular big screen “Twilight” saga. While being interviewed on “Good Morning America,” Pattinson said, in his country they are not as fascinated with their movie stars as Americans are. He said, since we have no King or Queen, we substitute our celebrities in order to fulfill that area of our social diet. In other words, we adore and adorn our celebrities with the attributes custom for men and women of royalty. Thus, the reality T.V. show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” derives its success in America from its ability to satisfy this need. And as long as we’re satisfied, then what ever Kim Kardashian wants Kim will get.

Most citizens under the leadership of a crown perceive their king and queen as having certain privileges above the regular Joe. So when Kim Kardashian allowed Kanye West to write a song about her titled “Perfect Bitch” those that may have been appalled quickly fell in line when Kim assured us that is was a term of endearment. In other words, he meant she was beautiful.

But let’s face it, warring nations have more love for each other than Kim Kardashian and her hubby Kris Humphries.

She is desperate to un-wed the pro-baller she calls “a cancer” though we were surprised to learn why. Kim is pressed to change her relationship status back to “single” but it has nothing to do with marrying Kanye West.

In fact, she shared several reasons why she needed to exorcise Kris from her life and not one of them involved Yeezy.

Here is what Queen Kardashian said:

“Kris is the first person I ever had to break-up with and that f**ked with my emotions… He told our producers he would destroy my career and me if the show wasn’t edited right.”

Perhaps she has a point, why who would want to stay married to a man threatening to ruin our career.

She explained Kris would be exposed as a fraud once the courts saw outtakes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She insist those deleted scenes show Kris’s true colors as a “manipulative, vindictive, petty, fame-hungry jerk.”

“It’s all on camera and it’s going to backfire in his face.”

Our question: Why not air that footage in the first place?? You know your dolls would just eat that drama up with a spoon! Maybe like Mitt Romney, there is something else on those video tapes Kardashian would prefer we not see.

Now there is another side of the argument. It not simply all Humphries fought. But we don’t get to see his side, he’s not royalty. All we’re privy to is the information Kim put out.

It’s no surprise that Kim knows how to manipulate the media. Recently, E! reported that Humphries send a Nordstrom box to Casa Kardashian, and guess what was inside; a deposition subpoena for Kanye West.

The story as it was explained to a judge by Marshall Waller, Humphries attorney in the divorce proceedings: “Our process server rang the doorbell and amazingly [Kim] answered … He asked if (West) was present, and she said he was on the telephone,” a frustrated Waller went on to say, “After waiting for a couple hours, the individual left the box for West, which ended-up having a deposition request form. If Mr. West’s attorney ever calls us back, we’ll be happy to have a talk. But as a practical matter, that hasn’t happened. We’re jumping through hoops. We’ll probably have to serve him in public.”

Why is West, who is dating Kardashian, involved in her divorce trial with Humphries? Well, Kim tried to file for divorce the traditional way (aka divorce-divorce), while Humphries is attempting an annulment of their marriage because the entire thing was a fraud for the purposes of reality television.

This was all unveiled during a court hearing this week. Kardashian and Humphries are due back in front of a judge on November 28, and an official trial date, should they not reach an agreement, will be set then.

One has to wonder how Kim Kardashian manages to keep company with Kanye West while the drama of her sham marriage fills her life with distracting interruptions. The process for completing her divorce with Kris Humphries has out lasted her 72 day marriage as Lawyers face of in the courts.

Among the 33 witnesses Humphries’ lawyer plans to depose is Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, and her rapper boyfriend, Kanye West. According to TMZ, Humphries suspects that Kardashian was cheating on him with current boyfriend Kanye West because West wasn’t invited to their wedding.

No matter what how you’re thinking this will all play out I want you to mark my words, It will play out just the way Kim Kardashian wants it to; and we will watch it in adoration and a smile.

You see Kardashian does have a plan. And with here new relationship with hip-hop king Kanye West getting more steamed up since the couple went public in April this
year she has a reason to wrap her divorce up in a hurry.

With Kanye already name-checking his curvy girlfriend in a recently leaked song, it’s clear the two are taking things seriously.

And, if Kim does become Mrs West, the reality TV star doesn’t believe that having a televised wedding is necessarily a bad thing. It turned out okay for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

‘So many other people have gotten married on TV and it has worked for them,’ so why not again for me. The only thing I would like to advise her on is that though America is fascinated with you, don’t get it twisted, because you’re not a princes; yet.

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    Kim Kardashian Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary Of Sex Tape

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    this post is FULL of typos and poor grammer, can’t take it!

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