Las Vegas Review Journal Endorses Chris Edwards

By Randy Rose

Finally the mainstream Media gets something right.We here at the Guardian Express Newspaper have known that Chris Edwards is the best thing for CD 1 and now the Review Journal agrees. Welcome to the new era in Congressional District One.

This could be a historic election if Chris Edwards beats Dina Titus. The fact is that many rank and file Democrats and Independents are looking for an excuse to not vote for Dina Titus.

Many feel that after the voters fired her in CD 3 that it seems strange that she wants to be rehired by us after getting fired from them. Chris Edwards gives them a very good reason to vote for him. Chris Edwards has vowed to co-sponsor HR 25 and the Democrats are getting blindsided because they love HR 25 too but Dina Titus is against it.

She does not like how power is taken away from her as a lawmaker. She does not like the power going to the people of CD 1. Who’s interests is she loyal to?

Not to the people but to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will be were her loyalty is pledged. Chris Edwards will co-sponsor HR 25 and under that plan you will get Gross Pay instead of Net Pay, you get $100.00 a month with no strings attached. Retail prices fall, social security and disability get fully funded and lawmakers are barred by law to borrow from it or spend it.

No more paying Income Tax as the 16th Amendendment will be repealed and all things considered HR 25 causes the economy to skyrocket above 7% and unemployment will fall below 4%.

These are things that will help the people of Congressional District One and that is why I too endorse Chris Edwards. This is the plan that will sway the vote to Chris Edwards and CD 1 will re-elect him again in 2014. Check out his website

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