“BPA” Can be passed from moms to kids at birth (list of products containing BPA)

A Chemical found in plastic that we all have contact with is called BPA, and the concerns as to how it can cause health problems.

A new study found a possible cause for concern with regards to the chemical BPA being  passed from moms to kids at birth, especially boys. Roughly 9 out of 10 Americans are walking around with a highly toxic synthetic chemical surging through their systems. BPA is a petroleum-based chemical that is widely used in the production of plastic products such as bottles, food can linings and PVC water supply lines. As these plastics degrade over time, humans ingest more and more BPA. This according to a new study released by (UCSD) University of California, San Diego.

It is suggested that metabolic changes that take place once the BPA has broken down inside or our system is where the greatest threat to our health lies. These findings were published yesterday in the open journal PLOS ONE. the major concern is the connection between BPA exposure and the disruption of estrogen signaling. Because BPA’s molecular structure is similar to estradiol, it may bind to estrogen receptors.

These receptors, which latch onto and hold estradiol and related estrogens, can also grab disparate chemicals. This can cause problems in the endocrine or hormone system, the researchers noted. Fetuses, infants, and young children are particularly prone to being affected.

According to Michael E. Baker, PhD, a UCSD professor of medicine, and Charlie Chandsawangbhuwana, a graduate student in the UCSD Department of Bioengineering, several research labs have reported that BPA binds weakly to the estrogen receptor, suggesting that something else is interacting with this receptor.

San Diego scientists created a 3-D computer model of the chemical and one of its breakdown products. In the process, they figured out why this breakdown product, called a metabolite, is more active than BPA, causing even further damage to our bodies.

“We discovered the mechanism by which it’s so much more active than the BPA,” Michael E. Baker, a research professor at the University of California San Diego who led the study, told Scientists already know that BPA mimics estrogen and attaches itself to estrogen receptors in the body. That causes estrogen levels to change a process that could be linked to health problems.

He said the research points to the need to measure MBP levels in urine and blood of patients suspected of BPA-mediated health effects, and may fuel development of a new therapeutic treatment for conditions linked to excessive estrogen levels and activity, such as some forms of breast and prostate cancers.

Here is a partial list of products containing the chemical BPA

Canned foods, Canned beverages of all types including Beer and Soda, Dental Fillings, Baby Bottles, Water Coolers and Bottles, Tableware and Food Storage Containers, Medical Devices, Consumer Items, Sunglasses, CDs, and DVDs, Electronics equipment, Automobile parts, Sports equipment, Construction Glazing and “Bulletproof Glass”

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