Richard Mourdock the 51st vote to repeal and replace government-run healthcare

Another Disgusting Republican Candidate

By James Turnage:

“As senator, Richard will be the 51st vote to repeal and replace government-run healthcare. Richard will help stop the liberal Reid-Pelosi agenda. There’s so much at stake. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Richard Mourdock for US senate,”

This is what Romney said when asked if he continued to support Richard Mourdock in his senate bid for the seat in Indiana after he was quoted saying that pregnancies from rape are “something God intended to happen”.

First of all, Mourdock is another extreme right wing candidate who is mixing religion and the Constitution. Our founding fathers were adamant that our country was not founded on a religious foundation. Several of them did not believe in religion at all. Of course many of them did not believe in political parties, and you see how well that worked.

For Romney to continue to offer him support is unconscionable. It simply displays once more that he is in the race for his own agenda, and not that of the majority of Americans. His and his party’s goal is to control the government. Romney wants to be the Chief Executive Officer of the United States, not a President who represents the people. This is just another example of how he would run the country. If you look back before he flip-flopped on dozens of statements and his own policies, it’s easy to see the real Romney. Once again “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and, boy, does he want that power.

Sometimes I think the majority of Americans have total amnesia. Have they forgotten what 8 years of rule by the last republican president did to us? Can’t they remember how we got to the mess we’re in now? Doesn’t anyone by me remember what life was like for 8 years with Bill Clinton? And what is wrong with women? It is impossible for me to understand how any woman could vote for a republican. I said this before, but this party of men first places their second priority on an un-developed fetus, their third on male children, and fourth women.

Our country is ill, and more and more I believe that no one will ever find a cure. We are different from other countries. We don’t manufacture textiles, electronics, tools, toys, furniture, or small appliances, we don’t pass laws that benefit the people first, and we fail to vote intelligently.

James Turnage