Romney ‘shoot first and aim later’

The Main Reason

By James Turnage:

The subject of tonight’s debate, foreign policy, is the primary reason why we have to cease electing governors and anyone else who has no experience in this area.

The last governor we elected, George Bush, created a division between the United States and the rest of the world. Even citizens of our close allies such as Great Britain voiced a distrust and dislike for our policies.

It’s all too easy to criticize when you don’t have all the facts. Governor Romney is not privy to information regarding our country’s relations with foreign governments. Making rash assumptions is frightening. We live in extremely complicated times. They may not be labeled as wars, but battles continue all over the world constantly. Peace is never achieved by the use of weapons. It is foolish to ‘shoot first and aim later’.

Whether it be in our legislature or in negotiations with foreign countries, compromise and common sense is the only path to successful legislation and world peace.

I have heard that the economy is the most important issue in this election. We’ve all heard it and too many of us have forgotten that the job of our President has many responsibilities. We have to elect a man or a woman who can achieve success at all levels, in all areas he or she is responsible for. Being a ‘businessman’ limits knowledge in any other area. If our country is constantly wasting lives and money fighting useless and un-winnable wars, we will never have a secure economy.

We have to be smarter when we vote. Voting solely on emotions is destructive. Look closely at all candidate’s records and how what they have done affects you. Don’t judge them by what you hear in campaign ads or biased news services.

Mr. Romney wants to be president. That is his only ambition. He doesn’t care about serving the American public. I almost feel sad for the Republican Party. He was not their choice for a presidential candidate, but he was the best they had to offer. It’s easy to see why the Republican Convention lacked enthusiasm.