Grover Norquist no better than Trump.

A Lobbyist Never Quits

by James Turnage:

“CBS This Morning” had as one of its guests Grover Norquist. For those of you who don’t know him, he received his ten minutes of fame when he convinced, (with the aid of TEA Party extremists), 95% of all Republican Congressmen and all but one of the Republican Presidential candidates to sign his “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”. He is the president of “Americans for Tax Reform”. What he is, is a lobbyist.

Although Boehner and McConnell have both agreed to reach some sort of compromise on the debt ceiling, including raising some taxes, Norquist continued to assert his opinions on this morning’s show. I think he regrets his appearance. When he spouted several lies about Mr. Obama’s policies, and was unable to explain why his philosophies would work, Nora O’Donnell challenged him. All he could do was repeat his position continuously. He had no answers. Finally Nora cut him off, and he was off the screen.

I remember the day I read about the Republicans signing his oath. My first thought was, “these men and women, who we elected, are pledging a loyalty oath to one man, no matter what the wishes of the American people might be”. They forgot that they had already pledged an oath to work for all of us when they took the oath of office.

His disrespect for Mr. Obama was so obvious it was disgusting. When did anyone who is given the right to voice an opinion through the media decide it was alright to personally demean our Nation’s leader? Disagreeing with polices, submitting constructive ideas, and arguing a point of view is something we all want to hear. But actions on news shows rivaling those on “reality shows” are not permissible. Civility and respect are things I was taught over and over again when I was a young man.

Ambitious men and women whose only goal is to acquire fame and fortune for themselves are part of the ruination of our country. Norquist is no better than Trump. I’m just sorry they gave him time on their show. No one wants to hear any more stupidity. The election is over.