No Charges in Alleged cell-phone snatch against Chris Brown; Things Heat up with Rhi Rhi

Rihanna’s Unapologetic spending Thanksgiving with Brown: and it’s “Nobody’s Business”

The ladies can’t seem to get enough of Chris Brown these days.

First there was the much publicized (and rather vulgar) exchange between Brown and comedian Jenny Johnson on Twitter over the weekend – which resulted in the Grammy- award winning artist to delete his Twitter account.

Today it was decided that no charges would be laid against Brown for allegedly attempting to steal the cell phone of one of his (former) female fans back in February.

According to a memo by the Miami-Dade County state attorney, no evidence was found that Brown intended to steal the phone or delete any photos – which would be needed to make a case for robbery or theft.

Witness accounts vary from what happened that night, but the woman accuses Brown of attempting to take her cellphone after she tried to take a picture of him as he left the Cameo nightclub in Miami in a black Bentley.

Did we mention he was with two women?

The phone was either snatched by Brown or dropped into his limo before being tossed back out the window. The phone ended up in the possession of Devon Blanche, head of security for rapper Tyga who performed with Brown at Cameo.

According to TMZ, Blanche said he was probably worried about any photos of himself with the two women making it online and causing him problems with (former?) girlfriend Rihanna.

Blanche allegedly tried to find the phone’s owner, but wound up taking the $500 white iPhone 4S with him to Atlanta on tour – until he could figure out who it belonged to and return it to its rightful owner.

IPhone owner Christal Spann told police that Brown had literally reached out of the limo window and snatched the device after she tried to take a photo of him.

According to the Miami-Dade County memo, Spann said Brown used a derogatory term for women when he grabbed the phone. She began beating on the limo’s windows until she was told her cell phone had been tossed out the car. She searched, but could not find it.

The memo did note that the investigation’s findings would be forwarded to probation officials in Los Angeles for review.  At the time of the incident, Brown was on probation for a 2009 felony conviction for assaulting then girlfriend Rihanna the night before the Grammy Awards.

Speaking of Rhi Rhi…Brown can be heard on Rihanna’s Unapologetic album in the duet “Nobody’s Business”. The two have been spotted together the past few weeks, most notably in a series of Instagram pictures.  She flew to Germany to spend Thanksgiving with Brown and the two were spotted leaving a nightclub in Frankfurt on November 29th.

On Nov. 30 the Barbados-born beauty shared a sexy photo of her underwear-clad body on Instagram with the caption, “#dopedealers**t”!

No word on whether or not the photos were meant for Brown, but they should definitely help him forget any cell phone troubles.

Article by N M Lorde


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