Rihanna 777 Tour – Watch Live from London


Rihanna’s Native Prisoners Get Out Of Hand on 777 Tour

At the bottom of this page we have embedded the live stream video code so that you can watch and enjoy the Rihanna 777 Tour as it occurs live in real time. The concert is only moments away and is brought to you by River Island and LoveLive TV. Rihanna’s show in London will be available to watch live on Monday November 19th at 10 p.m. GMT, which is 2:00 p.m. PT and 5:00 p.m. ET; truly moments away.

Rihanna is roughly halfway through her ambitious seven-day tour taking in seven countries for her new album Unapologetic, but things have already descended into “chaos” and “anarchy”.

For the “777” tour the singer invited a few hundred journalists, fans, and label reps to fly around the world with her, drink endless cocktails, see her shows from Mexico City to Stockholm to Paris for free, stay in fancy hotels and get showered with gifts like tiny conflict-free diamonds. The first day people were ecstatically (and possibly drunk) Tweeting about being on a plane where Rihanna was passing out champagne and clinking cups with everyone, and it seemed like by the end of the trip they’d all be fast friends with RiRi since she’s obviously just a regular, down-to-earth girl who just happens to be one of most famous people on the planet.

In Berlin, you could reportedly feel the tension rising, especially as someone on the tour referred to the group as “Rihanna’s prisoners.” It pretty much nailed the sentiment they all admitted to be feeling. According to an unnamed source the group is at her beckon call as they move from venue to venue, waiting hours upon hours on buses and tarmacs with absolutely no access to her for sound bites – they haven’t even had a morsel of one on one time with the darling princess since day one. And we hear the natives grew increasingly restless.

Without telling anyone, Rihanna decided to charter a second private jet for herself and a privileged few — which directly caused rumblings about “3rd world conditions” on board the 777 tour plane. Now we understand, passengers have gone days without adequate food and drinks.
Things got so bad on board the tour plane that a hungry Stan ripped off his clothes and streaked through the plane naked. Bedlam ensued which forced the Def Jam staff to leave the comfort of their 1st class section and demand that everyone riding in coach pipe down.

But hey, don’t take my word for it; see for yourself. Just click on the video below. You know how to click don’t you. Simply stroll on down and put your mouse on the arrow and push.

Oh and by the way, don’t forget to watch Rihanna’s live 777 concert tour show, which is scheduled to begin momentarily. You’ll find that live video below as well.



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