Ted Nugent Not Happy Obama Reelected, Calls Voters “Pimps,” “Whores” and “Welfare Brats”

by James Turnage:

Detroit rocker and right-winger Ted Nugent was not too happy when President Barack Obama was reelected, so he took to Twitter to denounce the “pimps,” “whores” and “welfare brats” who voted for America’s “economic [and] spiritual suicide.”

In April, while speaking at a National Rifle Association convention, Nugent said there are two alternatives for him if the “vile,” “evil” and “America-hating” Obama beat Romney. “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” said Nugent, who has also defended Romney’s “47 percent” comment.

Nugent was not alone in his anti-Obama ranting after the incumbent’s victory. Donald Trump called for a “revolution.” Former “SNL” cast member Victoria Jackson said “America died.” And born-again Christian actor Stephen Baldwin tweeted that God’s wrath is now upon the U.S.

These comments are by the most extreme of our political right. I sincerely hope they don’t represent the Republican Party as a whole. When the majority of the American public elect a leader, intelligent men and women hope he or she will succeed and repair our country.

Ted Nugent, Victoria Jackson and Stephen Baldwin are nobodies, and their opinions and statements should be ridiculed and become fodder for comedy routines and the late night TV shows. But it’s sad that I happen to know many who feel as they do. Are we that racist? Have we become a country of such extremes that we only care about our individual opinions and our personal needs? Does money trump the right of every citizen to have a safe and secure lifestyle for their families? If you listen to those who believe in the end of caring and support for our nation’s most unfortunate, and believe their mandate of hatred and disregard is proper, than you are the problem, and you don’t want a solution.

The TEA party divided the GOP. Fear of not being re-elected forced many Republicans who might have been more centrist, less extreme, to bow to the movement who wants to destroy our government and our country.

When Reagan was elected for a second term, I had some of the same fears as do many Republicans today. He was destructive in many of his policies, but somehow our country survived. He actually paved the way for Bill Clinton and now Barrack Obama to make decisions and policy to save the middle class.

The extremes on the right must be eliminated or the GOP will go the way of the party line and the corded telephone. They are extinct and they should be. Respecting the members of their past might actually be a good place to start. They were revered and accomplished some good for their constituents. They were not destructive, they were forward thinking. Both parties, working together in an honest fashion, produced legislation that moved all of our citizens in a progressive direction.