“Twinkies” “Hostess Cupcakes”

Company it putting 18,000 employees out of work tomorrow

When Unions Fail

by James Turnage:

I grew up in the 1950’s. I had “Wonder Bread” every day because “it built stronger bodies nine different ways”. My mom put “Hostess Cupcakes” in my lunch because they were my favorite. I know now that they were not necessarily the most nutritional foods for a growing child, but I’m alive and well at 66 today.

What is sad is that because a union failed its members 18,000 employees of the company will be out of work tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day.

All three dozen plants Hostess operated will be closed. The company was in bankruptcy hearings, and the union convinced their employees to press the company for increases in wages and benefits.

I understand both sides in this issue. It’s very hard for working men and women to make “ends meet” today. But companies who have stayed in the United States are also struggling to stay alive. There aren’t many of them.

So what has happens now? The company will be out of business, but the owners will survive because they will sell of brand names such as “Twinkies”, “Hostess Cupcakes”, “Ding Dongs”, “Ho Hos”, and the like. 18,000 employees will have no income. They and their families will need government assistance to eat, live in adequate shelter, and clothe themselves.

Who is the winner in all this? The answer is no one. It saddens me to see stupidity win over logic. The days when unions were necessary because management’s greed threatened safety standards and fairness regarding wages vs. profit have drastically changed.

I no longer eat my favorite childhood “treats”. I know now they weren’t “good” for me, but I was never overweight. If anything, I was underweight. Of course those times had no “fast food” joints, and we didn’t sit on our ***** all the time. We played sports and other physical activities that burned up the calories. This whole story is sad.