United Food and Commercial Workers Union acting like corporation instead of bargaining organization

Here’s the Truth

by James Turnage:

Employees of Raley’s Supermarkets in California are on strike. Nevada’s employees are non-union and therefore does not directly affect them. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union said negotiations had broken off and they had no other choice.

I have actually seen the offer Raley’s made to their employees. The problem is that they have not. The union refused to present the company’s latest proposal to their members, preferring to plan a strike. The proposal was a much better offer than the recent one made by Savemart to their employees. There were few changes to the union members present agreement with Raley’s.

This is a case of a union acting like a corporation instead of a bargaining organization. Everyone, every business is attempting to climb out of their financial woes. Like most corporations, Raley’s is still losing millions yearly, but has maintained its stores well, and retained its employees.

I was once a part of a large union. They maneuvered us into a strike. The money we lost in just over three months was lost to us forever. A strike should be an absolute last resort. A strike is good for unions as a business, but bad for its members. In times like this, we need people working, not walking picket lines.

Raley’s will staff their California stores with willing employees from Nevada. They will be making money while California employees will be wearing out their shoes.