Unregistered, illegal voters were allowed to vote in the Key State, Ohio

Written/Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson

Barely mentioned on Election Night…
A busload of unregistered, illegal voters was allowed to vote in Cincinnati, Ohio, in precinct 13d. Several dozen votes were counted for President Obama before two precinct judges were removed. Several other similar types of incidents were reported throughout the country. This comes as no surprise to Eric Reports, who predicted this would happen in an earlier article titled “Moderator Candy Crowley helped pull victory away from Gov. Romney”. (Oct. 24, 2012.) “If Gov. Romney loses (Ohio), he’ll probably lose the election. In my opinion, based on the 2008 ACORN-cheating tactics, Ohio will go to Obama.”

Hispanic Voters
I thought it was over for Gov. Mitt Romney when he chose Congressman Paul Ryan over Sen. Marco Rubio. In the Des Moines Register, Pres. Obama successfully predicted that Hispanics would vote for him on Nov. 6 and they did by 71%. Obama cited that Romney Republicans “alienated” Hispanics with “anti-immigration” policies. Maybe, but in the past, when Republicans Bush and McCain pushed for an amnesty program for Hispanics, it died in Congress. Democrats won’t pass anything unless it fits in with their agenda.

The Debates
Did the debates matter? Gov. Romney outperformed Pres. Obama in Debates 1 and 2. Did Romney throw away Debate 3 by not mentioning Benghazi-gate? (9/11/12 – Muslim terrorists kill four Americans in Libya, including our ambassador.) Do average people care about Benghazi? I guess not. In the last days of his campaign, BHO crowed to a swooning audience that “Al-Qaeda was decimated.” Wow, that must be news to the terrorists.
In Debate 3, a snarling, snarky Obama finally “brought it.” The President appeared like a viper, neck poised, ready to strike. Gov. Romney smiled benevolently, never achieving the knock-out blow he threw in the first debate.
Nov. 3rd – Obama announces that “Voting is the best revenge.” Newscasters cover for the President by saying, “The President was taken out of context and misunderstood.”
Hurricane Sandy pretty much dominated the news in the final week, helping Obama appear presidential. On Election Night, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was even grateful, saying “I’m so glad we had that storm.” Is this the way Democrats think?

Election Night
Obama introduced Vice-President Joe Biden as his “happy warrior”. If Biden starts making noises about running for President in 2016, he’s toast. Do you think for one minute, Bill Clinton would’ve given one speech for Obama, unless he knew his wife was going to be made the Presidential nominee in 2016?
Also, I’m one-hundred percent convinced Obama chose Biden as his VP to protect himself against assassination.
Does Biden actually believe the things he says? My guess is no. Deep within his reptile brain, a voice tells him to go along with Obama. Maybe, somewhere down the line, he thinks or hopes that one day he will be the Commander-in-Chief.

Commentators have immediately carped about the Republican Party becoming more inclusive, saying, “They must embrace illegal aliens, gay marriage, abortion, taxes and drugs.” If they did, they wouldn’t be Republicans.

Karl Rove
Former Deputy Chief of Staff and advisor for Pres. George W. Bush. (“Bush’s brain”.) Advisor for Mitt Romney, 2012.
This is a wild guess, but here goes. What if Rove was acting as a double-agent for the Bush Family, that is, Jeb Bush? What if this was done to pave the way for a third President Bush in 2016? What if Rove deliberately gave Romney bad advice? (i.e., VP Ryan instead of Rubio, M.R.’s third debate performance.) Why didn’t Romney refute the false charges made against him from Team Obama? Why throw away the Republican Convention on the single-career-women-theme, when, for the most part, they wouldn’t vote for Romney, even if you paid them? Why stop talking about the attack on our consulate in Benghazi? Why allow Obama to control events in the last week before the election?
Normally, Mitt Romney should have won and would have – if he had advisors who were looking after his best interests. Obama 2012 did not have to happen.