Chad Johnson — Yes, The Sex Tape is Real … But I Didn’t Leak it

Chad Johnson -- Yes, The Sex Tape is Real ... But I Didn't Leak itThe former NFL star says he didn’t leak it. He contacted FBI reportedly furious Johnson has also asked his lawyer to put together a cease-and-desist letter to get the footage yanked from the web. According to Johnson the sex tape was made over three years ago. Only bits and pieces of the video have made it online.

Chad admits the tape is real but insists he’s not the one who leaked it.

The female in the video is Orlando native and model Theresa Runyon, who goes by the name ‘Wankaego,’ according to Black Sports Online. Chad however isn’t sure who did it and contacted the FBI.

Sources close to Chad tell TMZ, he’s furious … and believes the video was hacked from his phone — much like Scarlett Johansson’s nude photos. So, like Scarlett, he’s contacted the FBI to help hunt down the culprit.

The ex-husband of Lozada does not know how the tape was leaked on the Internet, but he’s now exploring ways to legally have the tape banished from the Web for good. Johnson claims he’s not responsible for the tape hitting the ‘Net.

At this time, only clips of the sex tape have surfaced on the Internet, but sources say the entire explicit romp makes for very extensive viewing. Wonder if this sex tape will affect Evelyn’s opinion of Chad?

Since the no-contact order was lifted, the estranged couple have been tweeting with each other.
When asked by one follower on Christmas Day if the sex tape was going to stop him and Evelyn, 37, from reconciling, Johnson replied bluntly: ‘F**k no, it’s 3/4years old,’ while Lozada tweeted, ‘LMFAO,’ at Internet reports of the raunchy video. Although it is unclear if she would lie to reconcile

The judge ordered Johnson to have no direct or indirect contact with his ex-wife, including ‘no email, Twitter, or text’.

The tape was leaked a couple of days after Johnson’s ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada, dropped her restraining order against him following his August arrest for domestic violence. The former couple tied the knot on July 4, 2012.

Lozada filed for divorce three days later claiming her marriage was ‘irretrievably broken.’ The divorce was finalized on September 19. Johnson was dropped for the Miami Dolphins the day after his arrest, but he avoided jail time after striking a plea deal with prosecutors.


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