Jenni’s remains not buried yet!

After the huge memorial at the Gibson Amphitheater for Jenni Rivera “Celestial Graduation” the remains where taken back to All Souls cemetery in Long Beach, California. Where a private ceremony was expect for family members to buried Jenni Rivera remains that did not happen.

As we all knew Pedro Rivera Jr., the eldest brother Rivera, confirmed that the burial of the remains of Jenni could be done with a week or two. Similarly, Jessica Maldonado Rivera form Univision spoke to Lupillo who confirmed that this week would not conduct services

The Rivera family emphasized that “it will be a very intimate ceremony with close family” On the decision to the wait to bury Jenni, Peter said the family is dealing with several issues that are still pending before she is bury.

Hundreds of fans are still hopping to attend the funeral service, as they gathered outside the cemetery. More than one tried to enter the sites however they have not succeeded as there are three police cars installed in the main entrances.

The only people allowed inside the cemetery are people who have their loves buried there,  and are coming to visit. The cemetery is fill hundreds of Christmas trees since it seem to be a tradition in the United States.

Christian pastor Raul de Molina revealed that after leaving the Gibson Amphitheater and Jenni leave residues in the cemetery, the whole family went to dinner and had burgers that went very well and in peace.

The family also confirmed that do the tragic accident; they haven’t had a chance to take care of the Holliday decorations or gifts for the family, but they do know that they will spend time together like the family they are.

The family is still is  together trying to decide which decision to take. They have confirmed that they would come in like  give a press conference with  all the details. Amount other rumors are that Lupillo may go to Mexico for another ceremony or a burial.

Some of the question of thousand of fans are, if the body of Jenni Rivera was found? Since they only found four bodies out of the seven. Fans believe that until the body of Jenni Rivera is found hope still is up, and that she will be ok. Thousand of fans have been twitter how they’re still praying for her safe return.

Last night the daughters of Jenni came out and sing on the vigil that they had last night celebrating their mother’s life though her music.