NFL Recap: Bears and Packer, Texans and Colts, Steelers and Cowboys & More

Mostly as I Suspected

NFL Recap: Bears and Packer, Texans and Colts, Steelers and Cowboys & MoreWeek 15 in the NFL had a couple of surprises, but it was mostly predictable.

The Bears were in hibernation against the Packers who were in complete control of the game

Contrary to the “experts”, who all predicted the Giants would defeat the Falcons; the Super Bowl champs did not score a point.

The Houston Texans defeated the Colts easily, as teams I thought would be victorious like the Vikings, Redskins, and Saints. The games that were somewhat surprising were the Broncos at the Ravens, and the Steelers at the Cowboys.

The Ravens gave evidence that they have a very mediocre defense and an offense that is undeniably one of the worst in the NFL, led by a quarterback that can never win an important game. (Firing their offensive coordinator made no difference).

The Steelers made it evident that Mike Tomlin is too “easy” on the young players on his team. They made enough serious mistakes to force an overtime game. In the overtime “Big Ben” joined the immature group and threw an interception that gave the game to the Cowboys, who are going nowhere either. The Steelers season is definitely over, unless the Ravens and Bengals are only able to field less than eleven players.

The Chargers were demolished by the Panthers, proving that if they are ever to be a contender Norv Turner and Philip Rivers must go.

The biggest disappointment was the Steelers. Coach Tomlin is too easy on his coaches and players. Dick LeBeau has lost his edge. Todd Haley is suspect. Antonio Brown, Mike Wallace, and Emanuel Sanders continue to drop balls thrown in areas that made them easy to be caught. I know Heinz Ward is saying, “what the f**k”. And the defense is not able to rush the opposing team’s passer or create turnovers. Chuck Knoll is yelling at his television and saying, “what the hell is wrong with that team? They’re playing like a bunch of pussies”.

The NFL is always interesting, and sometimes disappointing. Compared to other professional sports, it is always entertaining.

Today the season was over for some. This year I believe the playoffs will be more interesting than ever.

I still wonder how anyone could watch baseball. It’s so slow and boring, and usually predictable. I guess their fans are a whole different breed of human beings.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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