Remembering the Victims, not the Shooter, of the Newtown Tragedy

NewtownBy Dawn Cranfield

Remembering the Victims, not the Shooter, of the Newtown Tragedy

As I started to read the names and short biographies of each of the victims of the Newtown Tragedy, I eventually gave in and had to turn off my computer; the ages of the victims became overwhelming.  One paragraph after another, I read a name an age of either 6 or 7, and then a brief life history; if it is even fair to describe so few years as a history.

After turning off my computer, I felt guilty for not only being unable to read the entire article, but because I could not commit the names to memory.  Too often, the lost are mentioned when “the names are released”, but never mentioned again; yet, the perpetrators are named time and again so they become ingrained in our minds.

Some of the offenders have become so infamous; their names synonymous with evil; still, the names of their victims remain elusive.  Most Victimsprobably remember such killers as Bundy, Gacy, and Dahmer; although, who remembers the names of their victims?

Is it the incessant sensationalizing of their horrific violent deed and their guaranteed 15 minutes of fame part of the draw for such acts of violence?  Is there a psychology behind wanting to be known in those moments before death, so others must be taken along?

Finally able to power my computer back up, I read the rest of the names and stories of the children killed on Friday; although I was still unable to commit their names to memory.  I do not think it would serve any purpose to “list” the names of the children, teachers or administrators killed that tragic day, it would read as cold and clinical.  However, if you wish to know the names and something about each of imagesthem, you can find their stories here:


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