To stand against the NRA is a stand against the mass destruction of innocence


To stand against the NRA is a stand against the mass destruction of innocenceOne of the most powerful lobbies in our country is the NRA. To stand against them is political suicide, even though their stand on gun control is idiotic and in my estimation criminal.

Tonight, 12/16/2012, when President Obama spoke in Newtown, Connecticut, change came to America. He rightfully talked about the unbelievable slaughter that occurred on Friday in that small community of less than 28,000 people. The sorrowful fact that the atrocity was directed at such young and innocent children affected him and the entire nation was evident in his words of consolation and compassion.

What he didn’t say directly, but was intimated, was that something has to be changed in regards to our attitude towards lethal weapons.

We are alone in the world in regards to our attitude about handguns and assault rifles. In his atonement to the families of the most horrible atrocity committed by any individual in our nation on innocent children, he said, “there must be change”. Every year wives, girlfriends, and children are murdered by guns legally obtained by family members. The weapons used in the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School were owned by the mother of the most evil of persons I have ever heard of. It’s time to get serious about a national epidemic that is more destructive than any natural disaster. Guns kill innocent people. The NRA tells people that they have the right to defend themselves, but that is a mirage. Criminals are not killed by guns kept in the home, family members are killed by handguns more frequently than any other weapon.

If President Obama has the courage to propose legislation to eliminate the ownership of handguns and assault rifles, we must support him. The NRA lobby spends millions of dollars every year to protect their position that anyone should be allowed to own any type of weapon designed to end the life of another human being. They are not only in favor of a country of violence, but also of a country that maintains an attitude of self-destruction.

The second amendment was constructed at a time when rifles and pistols were single shot weapons, and were ineffective. To discharge one of them and hit a target at ten feet was an enviable talent. Today’s weapons of mass destruction can discharge rounds at a rate of hundreds per minute.

So why does the NRA spend millions of dollars influencing Republicans to suppress any legislation regarding gun control? Always follow the money. Republicans are profiteers of the worst variety, and they gladly support the monetary contributions of the NRA lobby. Everyone who supports the suppression of legislation of handguns and assault rifles receives financial incentives.

Our country as a whole has to cease the acceptance of violence as a resolution to our problems. Whether it be a war or a confrontation with a loved one or a neighbor, physical assault is never the answer. The NRA believes that acts of fatal retribution are viable, and even necessary.

When humanity decides that physically destructive retribution is the answer to disagreement, we have ceased to exist as intellectual and logical beings. When we are willing to wage war before exhausting all dialogue that might possibly remove the possibility of physically destructive conflict, we have removed ourselves from the meaning of the definition of a human being.

If in any way you are one of the extreme minority that believes that the use of any type of weapon can be justified if it can be used in the end of life of another, and is not solely in the hands of law enforcement, you are ignorant beyond belief.

So much of the culture of America is misguided. In the decades since WWI, our country has become polarized. But it has reached an extreme after 9/11 that has produced a fragmented society that may never mend. Violence is almost an acceptable part of our society today. It must stop. It must begin with a stand against the NRA to eliminate the mass destruction of innocents. The tears of a nation must spread to sensible legislation, money be damned.

James Turnage

News Correspondent-The Guardian Express

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