Update: Earthquake 6.4 Magnitude Just Rocked Avalon, California, Second Quake False Positive

Earthquake newsAvalon, California – A violent earthquake just rocked Avalon, California moments ago. The report just got in and we’re still trying to sort thing out.

The 6.4 trembler centered about 162 miles of the southwest coast of California, while the 6.1 quake struck 88 miles off the coast — roughly midway between Los Angeles and San Diego.

The earthquakes occurred about 15 seconds apart at 2:36 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, or 5:36 a.m. EST, the U.S. Geological Survey reported on Friday.

It said the quake was recorded at a depth of 6.8 miles.

Right before this report was published report coming into our newsroom say that another 5.1 quake hit near Avalon, California.

This just in: The US Geological Survey have confirmed that only one quake occurred. The second quake was simply a false positive. However, the  strong quake hit far off the California – Baja  California coast, it was a 6.4 at a depth of 10km and 262km from land, the second false positive was at first believed to be a 6.1 at a depth of 11 km and closer, but it never happened.

Theorical calculations from the USGS are showing that 1,735,000 people would have felt a IV shaking on the mercalli scale (light shaking) for the second earthquake, this shaking includes the cities of Rancho Palos Verdes and Long Beach, California; and a II-III (Weak shaking) for at least 9 millon people including the cities of Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Riverside.

This earthquakes are harmless and should create minor to no damage, a tsunami can’t be generated.

Another update adds that following the quake, some reports coming from the USGS including a 3.5 Magnitude in Utah and a 4.2 in Southern California, were also false positives again meaning that they didn’t actually happen and were only a computer generated report.