Why can’t the gun nuts and the NRA see what is directly in front of them

Why can’t the gun nuts and the NRA see what is directly in front of themNot the Answer

By James Turnage:

Why don’t they get it? Why can’t the gun nuts see what is directly in front of them and realize who is to blame for innocent women and children losing their lives through the use of hand guns and assault rifles? It’s the NRA and gun “enthusiasts”.

Nevada State Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore is introducing a bill to allow concealed weapons to be carried by students on our university’s campuses.

Is she out of her friggin mind? A college campus should be a “gun free” zone for everyone including campus police. Who or what does she think a student will be defending himself or herself against? And, because of the lack of expertise, mixed with adrenaline, the chances of an innocent passerby being hit by a bullet are greater than someone who is actually a physical threat.

What’s the next step? Should boys and girls in high school be allowed to carry weapons? Is this the next step to stop bullying?

No other country in the world is “gun crazy” but the United States. We’re the only country in the world with a huge number of deaths caused by hand guns every year. And too often we witness a situation when the numbers of deaths by guns are increased thanks to some “enthusiast” who decides to reduce the population with an assault rifle.

Ms. Fiore’s proposal places our college students in an even more dangerous situation. She is the problem, not the solution. I’m going to start a new slogan to be plastered on the walls of UNR. “Carry books, not guns.”