Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis to retire

After 17 seasons and a Super Bowl Ring

Lewis to Retire

Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis to retire

With over 2000 tackles, two ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ awards, 41.5 sacks, and 31 interceptions, and a Super Bowl ring in 2000, Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis will retire after 17 seasons.

Injured for much of the season Lewis said “this will be my last ride”. He plans to play against the Colts on Sunday. He said, “I’ve ran my course. It’s time for me to go and create a new legacy”. He told the Baltimore Sun, “Wherever it ends, it ends. But I didn’t come back to be eliminated in the first round”.

Lewis has been the ‘heart and soul of the Ravens’ defense. With Lewis retiring, and Ed Reed becoming an un-restricted free agent, the Baltimore defense will not be the same.

Lewis is recognized as one of the greatest linebackers of all time, standing side by side with Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschke, Jack Lambert, and Lawrence Taylor.

A personal note. Being a devoted Pittsburgh Steeler fan, (yes, even this year), I have watched him play much of his career. I had a love/hate relationship with him. The Ravens-Steelers rivalry is undoubtedly the best in football. Their games have more physicality than any other match-up in the game. His talents are many; motivation, effort, an extraordinary ability to read offensive plays, and a talent for making his teammates better by his mere presence. I’ll miss watching the great competition.

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