Dallas: Public assistance on Burglary of a motor vehicle (Video)

Dallas: Public assistance on Burglary of a motor vehicle

On January 28, 2013 at about 3:55 P.M. Dallas police officers responded to Burglary of a Motor vehicle (BMV) in progress call at 8002 Umphress Road. Officers arrived and requested Dallas police helicopter Air One’s assistance. Air One arrived to assist patrol officers on the ground in an attempt to locate the BMV suspect. As Air One worked the area looking for the BMV suspect the helicopter was beamed with a green laser by an unknown person. Air One continued to work the area and was again beamed multiple times with a green laser. The pilots were able to locate the laser beam source and directed patrol officers to the suspect. Arrested person Kenneth Santodomingo, L/M/9-18-1990 was taken into custody and transported to Lew Sterrett. A report of Aircraft Laser Strike notification was made to the FAA. This offense was documented on case number 22223-A. Please see attached link for the Video Footage from Dallas police helicopter.